We have over 6 years of experience.

High-Speed Internet and Home Monitoring.

We offer high-speed Internet and networked home monitoring systems
using 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and coaxial cable.

Mobile Access

Browser authentication allows you to connect to our network with your access code.

At Home

Direct stable point-to-point amplified wireless internet connection to the nearest broadcasting tower.

At Work

Direct stable high-speed internet access to increase productivity in and out of the office.

Who we are

About Us

We are an internet, networking and media company keeping you in touch with the world at an affordable price. Maximizing the potential of wireless and coaxial technology we can connect node to node with speeds upwards of 1Gbps.

Our networking and media technology helps you access your home and office monitoring technology from anywhere around the world. We tailor each solution to match your specific needs as your home or office security needs.

Additional Services we offer

Android, iOS, Windows, Hybrid

Stronger Together

Our Partner

Pistonbore Limited

Safe · Stylish · Reliable

Pistonbore, specializes in the safe, quality, restoration and modification of vehicles. With a wide range of vehicles, both economical and luxury, the company supplies vehicles as well as equipment for rental. Through partnership with an Internet Service Provider, 247Shouts Limited, we provide GPS tracking for clients.